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Wireless Masters 

Limited Product Warranty & RMA Return Policy

Effective Date: Jan 1, 2023

Policy Summary:


Returns for Credit

Wireless Masters offers a general 30-Day from purchase return-for-credit policy (Excludes SIM cards, specific brand-new Samsung series, BLU products, and other non-merchandise items).  Products returned under the 30-day return policy must be in the same condition as purchased. Returns that are open or used will not be accepted for return-for-credit. Wireless Masters is not responsible for the return shipping on return-for-credit orders and will not provide a return label.


Defective Items Returns for Exchange

Products purchased from Wireless Masters can qualify for return under Wireless Masters Limited Warranty for period of up to 30 days from the date of sale to the Retailer, unless otherwise specified in the products description on the product listing. Any warranty issues outside the Wireless Masters 30-day limited warranty must be processed through the brand’s (manufacture’s) respective RMA process which is posted on each respective brand’s website. Defective items must have a replicable defect and reviewed by RMA department before credit or replacements are given. Most products will be covered against DOA (dead on arrival) and OOB (out of box) manufacturer failures and defects. The customer is responsible for checking all products purchased for DOA or OOB failures upon receipt of items. Any items found to have DOA or OOB failures 31 days or more after the purchase will not be accepted for return-for-credit.


  • Specific Brand-New Samsung Series
    1. Specific Samsung devices qualify for up to 1-year (365 days) warranty from purchase date through Authorized Samsung Repair centers.
    2.  To check devices’ warranty eligibility, refer to the specific product page.
  • Sim Cards
    1. Sim cards are non-refundable.
    2. In the case that a sim card is defective the following conditions must be met before they can be exchanged or refunded for credit.
      • The sim cards must not be opened.
      • The sim cards must be in a new state and not previously activated.
      • Wireless Masters must have an approved return to TracFone before the RMA will be approved.
    3. Exceptions to this policy will only be offered if TracFone offers a one-time refund for specific sim card models.
  • BLU Handsets
    1. All BLU Handsets carry a 60-Day limited Warranty conditioned upon proper use of the Products.
    2. This Limited Warranty does not cover:
      • Defects or damage resulting from accident, misuse, abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, exposure to liquid, moisture, dampness, sand or dirt, neglect, or unusual physical, electrical, or electro-mechanical stress.
      • Scratches, dents, and cosmetic damage.
    3. If the defective phones are under warranty, BLU will (at its sole discretion):
      • Repair the Product with new or rebuilt parts.
      • If the Phone is not repairable, provide a replacement device.
  • Repair Parts – LCDs
    1. The vendor will review the products and verify:
      • The defect.
      • Proper model of LCD.
      • That they were originally purchased from the vendor.
    2. The vendor approves or rejects each LCD.
    3. Wireless Masters will not provide credit for any rejected LCD.
  • Additional Exceptions
    1. Individual product listings may have specific return/warranty policies not listed on this page. If at any time the product listing conflicts with the policies listed on this page, then the details in the product description replaces this RMA policy.


All products sold to the end user are subject to the retailer’s individual return policy.

Wireless Masters does not set the return policy for retailers.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Process and Policies

  • Equipment must meet specific requirements to qualify for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Retailers must obtain an approved RMA number before sending any products back to Wireless Masters.
    1. To request an RMA please contact your sales representative assigned to your account.
    2. Allow up to 2 business days for your RMA evaluation to be approved. Do not ship back returns without having a pre-approved RMA.
    3. Once approved, you will receive an approval email, and a return label if applicable. 
  • Address For Returns:
    • Wireless Masters
    • ATTN: RMA Returns
    • 4340 Lyman Dr
    • Hilliard, OH 43026


  • Approved RMA number must CLEARLY be written on the outside of the RMA box. Boxes that arrive without the RMA number clearly written on the outside of the box will be put into the unmarked box pile and Wireless Masters will not guarantee that the RMA will be processed within 10 business days.
  • Equipment returns without an approved RMA will be set aside and the dealer will be contacted to arrange return shipping. Wireless Masters is not responsible for paying the return shipping. If the dealer has not arranged shipment within 30 days, the product will become Wireless Masters property.
  • If retailer’s RMA product is found to be covered under the Wireless Masters Limited Warranty after evaluation by the RMA department the retailer will receive a set shipping credit of $5 on their Wireless Masters account for the first 10 products, and $10 for shipments containing 10+ products.
  • If for any reason a label is provided by Wireless Masters, reimbursement for using your own label will not be provided.
  • Please allow up to 10 business days for RMAs to be processed once they are received by the warehouse.
  • Approved equipment on RMAs will be replaced with the same model with the same condition that the original RMA handset arrived in. If equipment cannot be replaced with the same model, then the customer will be contacted to decide on a similar item of the same quality. Colors cannot be guaranteed, but we will do our best to match the original color.
  • All equipment approved for RMA must be accompanied by the corresponding approved RMA form.
  • Ensure that you record your tracking number to trace the package. Wireless Masters is not responsible for lost/damaged RMA returns.

Approved Handset Conditions and RMA Approval Process for Exchange

To receive an approved RMA, the following conditions must be met.

  • RMA number must be clearly written on the outside of the box.
  • Equipment Must Have Replicable Functional Failures. Please be sure to describe issues fully and completely. Functional Failure Examples:
    1. Dead on Arrival (D.O.A.) - handset has never been used and will not turn on. Handsets that show signs of usage are not considered to be D.O.A.
    2. Either handset buttons, speaker, earpiece, or screen(s) are malfunctioning.
    3. Functional failures must be able to be replicated by RMA inspection team. It is important that the correct functional issue is listed on the RMA form as the RMA processing team will only be looking for that failed during testing. Equipment that does not have replicable functional failures will be sent back to the retailer at the retailer’s expense.
  • Items to Include with RMA
    1. All original accessories, manuals, and packaging. RMA must be accompanied by APPROVED RMA request form.
      • RMAs missing original accessories, manual and packaging will be subject to RMA rejection.
      • Wireless Masters may offer Incomplete RMA Fees instead of rejecting an RMA as listed in the RMA Fee schedule at their discretion.

Unacceptable Handset Conditions

Handset Conditions That Will Result in Immediate Returned/Rejected RMA:

  • Handsets with broken, bleeding or cracked LCDs.
  • Handsets that have been opened by retailer or customer or had tampering with inside parts and pieces or non-removable batteries.
  • Equipment with cosmetic wear or customer’s abuse. This includes, without limitation, worn buttons, scratched screen or housing, cracked or damaged plastic components that have no functional issues, or bent or missing charging connectors.
  • Equipment that arrives locked, password protected or with invalid software/OS systems that are not OEM, original software.
  • Equipment with signs of water or other liquid damage. Seals on battery, battery back, and inside phone housing will be checked by the Wireless Masters RMA Processing Team for signs of damage. The charging port of the phone will be checked for corrosion that would occur with liquid exposure.
  • Equipment that is returned to Wireless Masters without approved RMA paperwork.
  • Wireless Masters reserves the right to deny all RMA requests.
  • Branded Handsets missing sim cards will be rejected.


If Wireless Masters receives a handset which is NOT eligible for RMA the retailer will be given the option to have the handset returned at the retailer’s expense. If the handset remains unclaimed for 30 days after the retailer has been given notice of the rejected RMA the handset will become Wireless Masters property and be put into the Wireless Masters Handset Recycling Program. Wireless Masters reserves the right to deny any RMA requests.

Not Covered Under Warranty

Wireless Masters limited warranty does not cover physical damage to the surface of the Handset, including breakage, cracks or scratches on the LCD screen, keypad or outside covering. Please refer to the terms of the applicable brand’s limited warranty for details. Wireless Masters will not issue repairs/replacements/credits for any returned Handset with broken or cracked screens or missing components.

Incomplete RMA Deduction Exhibit

Retailers may be offered to pay penalty fees for incomplete RMA instead of the Wireless Masters RMA Department immediately rejecting the RMA. 

Fees are offered to the retailer by Wireless Masters discretion only. Fees can be rejected by the retailer, and the handset RMA will be rejected, and the handset will be returned to the retailer at the retailer’s expense. Handsets that remain unclaimed for 30 days will become Wireless Masters property and put into the Wireless Masters Handset Recycling Program. 



Missing/Damaged Item

Additional Fee


15% of Purchase Price or current market price


10% of Purchase Price or current market price

Other Components

(Memory cards, screen protectors, included cases, manual, etc..)

15% of Purchase Price or current market price

Missing/Damaged Box


Missing/Damaged Oversize Box 

(Tablet, etc..)